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The Stuff of Life Life Needs Energy Making More Life Change Over Time

To learn more about reproduction, click on one of the choices below.

Online Exhibit

Zebrafish Zebrafish Embryo:
Watch this timelapse video to see a zebrafish develop from a single cell to the hatching stage.

Chick Embryo Chick Embryo Timelapse:
Watch a chick embryo develop the specialized tissues, organs, and structure of a fully formed chick (filesize is 2 MB). You will need the free Quicktime player .


Online Interactive

Flower Film Canister Farming: Seeds carry the genetic material of a plant. Find out what makes them come out of their shell.

Which Embryo is This? Which Embryo Is Human?
You may be surprised to discover how hard it is to guess correctly!

: The Stuff of Life , Life Needs Energy , Making More Life, Change Over Time

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