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Stuff of Life Life Needs Energy Making More Life Change Over Time

Cells are the essence of life itself. To learn more about them, click on one of the choices below.

Cell Explorer Cell Explorer:
Learn about the inner workings of a cell through this interactive exhibit. You will need the free Flash Plugin .

Muscle Poster Muscle Poster: Find out how proteins make muscles work in this original Exploratorium poster, illustrated by David Goodsell.You will need the free Adobe Acrobat . Warning: large files size (3.9 MB). Buy the poster at the Exploratorium Store .


Meet David Goodsell , a molecular biologist and artist who finds beauty in the molecules of cells.
A Cell's Fate: Specialized cells have a common origin. What sets them on separate paths?

: The Stuff of Life, Life Needs Energy , Making More Life , Change Over Time

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