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Egg Recipes
Make a delicious and educational meal, all from eggs!
  Egg Activities
Other activities with eggs to try at home.

Deviled Eggs
Experiment with cooking methods and seasonings in this classic egg dish.

Hollandaise Sauce Hollandaise Sauce
In hollandaise sauce, butter and water form a creamy mixture. E gg yolk helps the two liquids stay together.

This delicious dessert is made when egg proteins form a network that traps liquid, creating a gel.

A beaten egg white can foam to eight times its original volume!


Take an Egg for a Spin

Learn how to use physics to distinguish between raw eggs and hard-cooked eggs.

Naked Egg Making Naked Eggs
A naked egg is an egg without a shell. Using vinegar, you can dissolve the eggshell—without breaking the membrane that contains the egg.

Experimenting with Naked Eggs
Use your naked egg to experiment with osmosis, the movement of water across a membrane.

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