The Accidental Scientist: Science of Cooking
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  We eat because we need food, but we cook because we love food. That love is fueled by the tangy heat of spices and nurtured by the flowery aroma of herbs. Seasonings play a minimal nutritional role in our diet. They play to our senses. They make us want another bite.  

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Dinner party fix-its : Can you cover your kitchen tracks?

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Kitchen Lab
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Recipes and activities : Fake an apple pie, grow a salt sculpture, and more.

Tour the world of spices and try your own mixtures with our spice map .

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"I tried building the salt sculpture and it was fun. We changed the color of the water when we added solution, so there are layers of color and stuff." —Sandy, Daly City

  your senses
taste Without taste and smell, food wouldn't be the same. How do you experience the flavor of your food ?
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