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Sweet Science of Candy

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Sweet Science: Candy!
April 19, 2003
11 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time

How do Pop Rocks work?
Why do wintergreen LifeSavers spark in the dark?
Why is it so hard to figure out the flavor of a jelly bean with your eyes closed?
Join the Live@ Exploratorium Webcast crew as we investigate the sugary world of candy.

In our studio, Exploratorium chef Michael Rothberg will turn the heat up on sugar to show us the different stages of caramelization, making a simple caramel sauce and pralines in the process.

We'll also take you behind the scenes at the world-famous Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield, California, to find out how jelly beans get their shine, how they make booger-flavored beans, and what makes Jelly Belly beans taste different from other jelly beans.

Grab some sugar and a candy thermometer and join in the fun as we explore the science behind our favorite sweets!

Don't forget to visit the Exploratorium store for books and kits to make your own candy from Gummy Bears to rock candy!
Follow these links to learn more about candy, sugar and how you experience it!

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Michael Rothberg's Pralines as seen in the Webcast

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The Phyllis C. Wattis Webcast Studio is located inside the Exploratorium. This Webcast event is included in the price of museum admission. See Directions and Hours & Admissions for more information.

Have a candy question?
We'll take questions from our live studio audience and answer e-mail questions sent before or during the Webcast.

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