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The science and art of winemaking are featured in this Webcast from the Exploratorium.
  • What is the best way to keep the bubbles in an open bottle of champagne—a silver spoon in the bottle? Leaving the bottle open? Using a champagne cork?

  • What effects does temperature have on wine?

  • How can you open a champagne bottle without touching the cork?

  • Why should you never wear lipstick when drinking champagne?

  • Why does champagne make you happy?

You'll discover answers to these and other questions as scientists engage in bubble-generating demonstrations, show different ways of measuring the pressure in bottles, and explain the relationship between bubble size and the quality of the wine.

Learn more about the process of making Champagne .

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Our Guests

Chemistry professor Dick Zare, Stanford University
While observing a tall glass of champagne one day, Dr. Zare noticed that the bubbles at the bottom of the glass were smaller and less active than those at the top. After two years of studying bubble mysteries, Dr. Zare shares some of his observations.

French enologist and winemaker Michel Salgues, Roederer Estates, Anderson Valley
See how sparkling wine is made, what makes it different from still wine, and where all those bubbles come from.

Learn more about the process of making Champagne .


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