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Eclipse Links: Solar Exploration


Surfing for Sunbeams - Take this multimedia tour of the sun using fabulous x-ray images and movies, brought to you by the Yohkoh Public Outreach Project.

The Sun in Action - These pages illustrate dynamic aspects of our ever-changing sun using numerous animated GIFs.

A Tour Through the Virtual Sun - Take a twenty-minute virtual tour of the sun, inside and out. Lots of MPEG movies. (In English & Dutch)

The Sun - A wonderful resource for exploring the sun. Information about building a simple pinhole camera, solar structure, the solar interior, sunspots and sunspot numbers, eclipses, and much more.

A Pictorial Introduction to the Sun - A collection of solar images, each with descriptive text. Includes views of the sun in various parts of the spectrum, sunspots, prominences, total eclipses, coronal mass ejections, and the sunspot "butterfly" diagrams.

The Sun - A quick overview of the sun.

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