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Eclipse Links: The Sun-Earth Connection


Sunspots - The nature of sunspots and the history of our efforts to understand them.

Auroras: Paintings in the Sky - An illustrated, self-guided tour explaining why auroras happen.

The Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum - NASA's Sun-Earth site contains resources for educators, links to science missions, and information on the NASA Webcast from Black Sea. The Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum is one of our project partners.

Space Environment Center - The Space Environment Center (SEC) provides real-time monitoring and forecasting of solar and geophysical events. Get today's space weather, solar images, data on auroral activity, the current state of the atmosphere, and more. Great place to look for ideas for a science project!

Solar Terrestrial Activity Report - Check this site for daily developments in the solar and geomagnetic fields, the solar wind, and the solar sunspot cycle.

Space Weather Today - The site contains links to "real-time" information on space weather conditions surrounded by explanatory material, basic information on the sun-earth system, and information on space weather impacts on earth and earth systems.

Space Weather Predictions - Check out this site for the latest space weather condition predictions, including solar wind speed, coronal holes, and surface active regions.

Lund Space Weather Homepage - Covers space weather including stormy weather in space, recent space weather events, and even forecasting space weather. (Lund University, Sweden)

Space Weather: Elements of Near-Earth Space - Through vivid images and drawings, explore the sun's energy emissions and their effects on earth. (National Research Council)

Heavens Above: Satellite Visibility Program - This unique Website allows visitors to determine when satellites and Solar Iridium Flares will be visible in their geographic area. Includes rise and set times for the sun and moon in the visitor's region.

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