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Eclipse Links: Myths and Legends


The Sun-Eating Dragon - A look at eclipses in literature and mythology.

Eclipse Expeditions - Journal excerpts and photographs from European and American expeditions 1858-1918.

The Mayan View of the Sun - A brief description of Mayan beliefs concerning the sun. From this page you can also explore other Mayan astronomical beliefs and observations.

Lakota (Native American) Understanding of the Sun - This Web site includes an assortment of information relating to Native Americans, primarily the Lakota tribe, and their relationship with astronomy. Medicine Wheels, ceremonies relating to the rising of the sun and other stars, and Lakota beliefs are examined.

Eclipse Quotations and Poetry - This collection of quotations concentrates on solar and lunar eclipses. Some are from literary sources, while others are predictions and records.

The Arts Catalyst Science-Art Agency - Eclipses, life, and other cosmic chances, the work of generations of inspired artists.

Classical eclipses - An extensive site giving good information into the myth and legend surrounding eclipses among the ancients. Also good information about events during the 1999 eclipse.

Festivals and Other Events

Solipse Festival - The Eclipse Festival. Seven days of music, performance, love, and psychedelics. June 15-21, 2001.

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