Electronic Guidebook Research Project
Who was the Guidebook designed for?
How does the Guidebook system operate?
User Interface
How do people use the Guidebook?
About the Exhibits
Suggested Activities
A Range of Content Options
Tips and Tools
Take a Picture
After the Visit
Users Share Ideas
Real-World Connections
Related Natural Phenomena
Ideas for Teachers
Related Exhibits
Related Resources
Exhibit History
Behind the Scenes
  How did we test the Guidebook’s use and effectiveness?  
More Studies
How did Explainers respond to Wi-Fi–enabled handhelds?
Following this path leads to a description of natural phenomena related to the "Aeolian Landscapes" exhibit.
Video clips of the "Spinning Blackboard" exhibit show sample patterns and gives users a chance to record their own creations.
The Echo Tube exhibit provides an opportunity to learn about sound, wave theory, and mathematics. The "String Squirter" link provides information and design sketches illuminating the development of this exhibit. Staff experts share their knowledge about the phenomena behind the "Humming Plates" exhibit, and show ways to use it. Users can click on the locator icon to see where different exhibits are currently displayed.
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